My Holistic Services

Natural Healing

During a Holistic Medicine Consultation, I may integrate any combination of supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, the right foods and the right type of water. Also important is the proper form of exercise, detox methods, and/or any other means I see fit to personalize the session for each individual client.     

I also seem to have the ability to help clients figure out what’s wrong with them even when they themselves don’t know. 

In addition, I  make it a point to constantly & continuously study mainstream/conventional medicine, pharmacology, psychiatry, psychology, & sociology, so that I can already know as much about my client as possible when they first come see me, or talk to me over the phone, so that I can then help them heal to the best of my ability. 


Hypnosis work by opening up the shield between the conscious mind and subconscious mind,  which is what happens in a relaxed state, and planting positive suggestions directly into the subconscious mind for positive change. Around 88% of our mind consist of the subconscious, and only around 12% is the conscious mind. When we try to change our habits on our own, it rarely works because we are only using our conscious mind(the 12%), which is responsible for will, decision making, reasoning, logic.  In order to induce quick & permanent changes in any habit or pattern we’d like to address, we must do it at the source, which is at the subconscious mind. This way we’re using 100% of our mind. This is exactly how hypnosis works.

Hypnotherapy helps with hundreds of different conditions, such as weight management, smoking cessation streets, anxiety, fears, phobias, mood issues, addictions,  habits we’d like to break, sleep issues, pain management, memory, sports management, test preparation, anticipatory anxiety such as going to doctor, dentist, or giving a speech, childhood traumas, PTSD, ADD, OCD, relationship issues, sexual issues, health concerns, brain reprogramming to earn more money and, a host of other things!

Stay healthy for good!

I’m here to help you with whatever you need to be the happiest, healthiest, most successful person you can be!

I’ve conducted lectures and workshops across the country on several areas of natural health, as well as have written articles and advertorials for several newspapers and magazines. I also had a radio show called ‘Holistic Health & Healing’ on Adrenaline Radio which is now available on podcast.

I’d be happy to perform a lecture or workshop for your group, whether it’s work related, social, religious, or any other type of group. I can also appear on your TV or radio show.

 I am proud to have had close to a thousand clients over the years, and I’m blessed that I’ve been able to help them to heal whatever it is that had ailed them.

Most of my sessions are via Zoom live video chat, since I travel often giving lectures; however, I can also conduct a face to face session with you, if you happen to live the area I’m currently in.

Feel free to check out my book, “Get Thin for Life!”, available on Amazon. Also feel free to check out some of my testimonials on the next page.

Finally, feel free to look me up on my YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Espeakers pages (my full name is at the bottom of this page).